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Governor Sisolak has reinstated the eviction moratorium effective from 12/15/20 and lasting until 03/31/21. The order has not been officially issued yet. Courts will have to decide how they want to handle the evictions that have already been filed or that have already received court dates.

A couple of key notes regarding the eviction moratorium:

  • The moratorium applies to residential pay or quit notices and evictions.
  • The moratorium does not apply to commercial properties in any way, shape, or form.
  • For residential properties, the moratorium does not apply to true Squatters, Nuisance notices, or Lease Violations.
  • There is still no word at this time on whether the moratorium will apply to 30-day notices.

If any new updates become available, we will update them here.

*UPDATE: 12/15/20*

  • The new moratorium on evictions only applies to residential 7-day pay or quit and 30-day no-cause evictions only if the tenant has provided the landlord with either the signed CDC form, or the new Declaration form stating under penalty of perjury that they qualify.