When my mother, Nancy Maley, moved back to Las Vegas in the 1980’s, she began working in the office of a family friend, Smokey Stover, who was a Process Server. Many customers were asking him to do rental notices and evictions. Smokey told my mother he was too busy serving process to do those, but that she could do them herself if she wanted to. She did.

My mom taught herself the business and, despite many obstacles, made it thrive! She was the first woman to start an eviction company in Clark County, possibly Nevada. All of her clients called her the Eviction Queen and the name fit! I assisted her in the office and did the bookkeeping for her after work and on weekends. I learned the business and heard so many great stories sitting in that office with her!

Mom decided to retire after teaching me all she knew and, even at almost 82, (she’s going to kill me for that) stays on as an off-site consultant. My son, Taylor Kruse, was in elementary school when I started running NMI. I would pick him up from school with a big stack of notices to post and he would do his homework in the back of the car. That boy knew more about evictions at ten than a lot of adults! In the summer, he loved to sit in the office, do little jobs, listen to every conversation and then go home and tell his grandmother what had happened in the eviction world that day. Taylor is in his twenties now and has been working along side me in the office. He plans to go to law school when he graduates UNLV and I don’t doubt that his children will be running NMI some day!