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The Top 7 Reasons Why Tenants Get Evicted

There are several instances in which a landlord or property owner may want to evict a tenant, but in reality, there are only a handful of qualified legal reasons that can justify an eviction notice. Some landlords may not be aware of the qualified reasons which they are legally allowed to evict a tenant and may act too hastily when trying to open up their rental property for a better tenant. However, not following the proper procedures when it comes to an eviction can hurt a landlord in the end. We have previously covered common eviction mistakes landlords should avoid at all costs. Below we have detailed out and listed the most common reasons why a tenant might be evicted.

Not Paying the Rent

This is one of the most common reasons why a tenant is served an eviction notice. Everything might seem fine for the first couple of months, but a pattern may start to develop in which the rent is paid later and later each month. The tenant may also try to buy some time by offering to pay part of the rent with promises to deliver the balance soon after that. When it starts to become a regular occurrence, it’s time to consider an eviction. In many cases, the tenant’s money situation is not likely to change anytime soon and the landlord will have to deal with the same situation every month. Additionally, when a tenant gets more than a month behind on paying the rent, the more difficult it is for that tenant to catch up on the delinquent rent that they owe. In these scenarios it is oftentimes more cost effective for the landlord to have the tenant move, so landlords should not delay issuing an eviction notice.

Damage to the Property

As a landlord, you need to take care of your property. Unfortunately, some tenants feel that is the landlord’s sole responsibility and not theirs. Tenants might cause damage to the unit or break items on the property without making any effort to report or replace the damaged unit or items. If a tenant damages something, especially more than once, there’s a good chance that this behavior will continue. It’s important to get the tenant(s) to leave the property as soon as possible in these cases. If the tenant is continuously causing damage and failing to fix things when it is required in the lease agreement, you need to act quickly with an eviction notice before the situation escalates to the point of you needing to hire a Las Vegas civil litigation attorney. By allowing the tenant to stay, you are risking more damage and costly repairs for you down the line.

Disruption of Other Tenants

When new tenants move in, it’s expected that they will be respectful of their neighbors. If they are renting in a multi-unit building, then this is especially important. As a landlord, you don’t want to have to deal with complaints from your other tenants or risk your property’s reputation because of one bad occupant. Common tenant disruptions include things like playing music too loudly and frequent loud arguing. Some tenants may not be aware that they are causing a disturbance. For this reason, it is a good idea to try talking to the tenants and/or issuing a notice first. They might act more mindfully and respectful in the future. If they don’t, however, you will need to start the eviction process.

Illegal Use of the Property

Some tenants may be renting a property for the wrong reasons. These reasons include things like selling drugs or operating an unlicensed business out of the rental property. If landlords find out that any of these lease violations are occurring, it is important to evict the tenants as soon as possible. If you’re a landlord and you don’t deal with the illegal use of the property, it can lead to legal issues for you down the road and hefty fines. You could get into a lot of trouble if you knew your tenants were illegally using your property and didn’t act accordingly. Having an experienced Las Vegas or Henderson property management company to keep track of these discrepancies can really help.

Health or Safety Hazard

It’s important that your tenants are living in safe and clean living conditions. If a serious health or safety hazard is brought to the attention of a landlord, it must be remedied as soon as possible. However, in some cases, landlords are unable to take care of the hazard while the tenant is still living in the property. Examples of this may include removal of lead paint, extensive mold issues, or pest control. You certainly don’t want your tenants to get hurt or sick due to negligence. Following the proper eviction procedure will ensure you are able to get the tenant out of the hazardous environment without breaking the lease.

Unnamed Tenants Living in the Rental

Only people listed on the lease agreement should be living in the rental property. This protects the landlord and tenants for multiple reasons, including safety and security. If the landlord finds out that someone else is living in the rental property other than the people listed on the lease, it may be grounds to start the eviction process. By allowing unauthorized people to live in the rental property, landlords are putting other tenants at risk and possibly breaking fire and safety codes. As a breach of the lease agreement, landlords have the right to evict their tenants in these cases.

Violating a Pet Policy

Many landlords don’t want pets in their rental property, or they have specific requirements outlined in their lease agreements for the pets that they do allow. Certain breeds of pets might make insurance premiums skyrocket, or they simply may not want to deal with the possibility of a pet damaging the property. Even if you have a pet policy in place, some tenants may choose to not adhere to it. They might not tell you the truth about the pets that they do have, or they may acquire a pet after they move in. If you find an unpermitted pet in your rental, it is a clear violation of your pet policy. This is a blatant breach of the lease agreement and is, therefore, grounds for eviction.

Overall, it may be a bit unrealistic to assume all tenants will follow all the rules outlined in the lease agreements at all times. However, there are certain rules in place to make sure a rental property is safe, and that landlords and tenants are protected. When there are breaches to the lease agreement putting the landlord, tenant, or other occupants at risk, it’s time to consider an eviction. If you are in need of Henderson, North Las Vegas, or Las Vegas eviction services, working with a local eviction services company will help ensure that you have legal grounds for a proper eviction, follow the correct eviction procedures, and can complete the process as quickly and effectively as possible.