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Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this is in no way legal advice. I’m simply trying to relay helpful, relevant information regarding the current eviction moratorium.

NMI is now closed until October 15th, 2020 or when the Moratorium is lifted for Residential pay or quits and will not be responding to emails until such time.

Here is some useful information:

The CDC has issued its own moratorium (for reference: for residential non-payment evictions under certain circumstances until January 2021. Landlords do NOT have to mention it or assist their tenant in obtaining or completing this form. The tenant must obtain the self-certification form, sign it, and get it to you. It is their responsibility. They are signing it under Penalty of Perjury but do not have to prove to you that it is true. Once the tenant does that, any pay or quit action must cease. As of now, we can serve those pay or quits as of 10/15/20.

One of the current exceptions, as I understand it, is if the owner needs to evict the tenant in order to move into the dwelling themselves.

If you receive that form and believe the tenant is perjuring themselves and you have the basis to prove it, contact an Attorney or the Justice Court in the correct jurisdiction for information on how to proceed.

Although I do not believe it applies to actual Nuisance and Lease Violation notices, I do not know how this will be interpreted by our local Judges for holdover tenants, non-renewals, and no-cause evictions if the landlord is not moving into the dwelling. We will be finding that out as evictions are processed in October.

For current information on moratoriums and evictions, please subscribe to the Nevada Realtors YouTube channel. It has some great detail about the moratorium in the past 5 videos and I understand the next one will have at least one Nevada Judge answering questions.

The National Association of Realtors also has information on their NAR property management group forum Facebook page. You must request to join the page, but they have said they will allow anyone in Property Management in Nevada to join.

Other Information is available at:

LVJC self-help website:

Civil Law Self Help Center: (702) 671-3976 or

Non-renewal notices can be written and delivered per your lease and do not have to be served by a process server.

30-day No Cause Notices can be served by the Constable of the property’s jurisdiction.

Unlawful Detainer notices can be served by the Constable of the property’s jurisdiction.

Nuisance and Lease Violations can be served by the Constable of the property’s jurisdiction.

Commercial property pay or quit notices can be served by the Constable of the property’s jurisdiction.

Tenants can also apply for rental assistance by visiting: